Installed: 31 January 2004

My SEARCH for this BOOK

In 1988, when I was in Fort Worth, TX for a symposium, another attendee of the Houston clan loaned me a copy of Bold Legacy. After reading it and having six children, I wanted to buy 7 copies. I tried the Texian Press, Library Binding Co. and Cleburne Huston; all with no success. So as not to loose my reference information, I made a copy of the book.

Time passed and the Internet arrived so I revisited the search but still no joy.

At this writing, I tried... one more time.

Clayton Houston Family Website

I have done some volunteer websites and having some 6,000 family photos, I have taken on the task of Clayton Houston Family Historian and as such began building a website.

Having no copies of Bold Legacy and wanting to include some historical background for the family, I elected to scan my copy of the book and have included such a document within the site. I did not intend to infringe on the 1969 copyright but since this document is not available and this website is for personal family use, inclusion seems like an acceptable situation.