Pat and Clay Christmas Letter 2005

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25 December 2005

First, we want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Houston Family has a website with all the events or our lives presented in a massive amount of photos. You are welcome to view at .

Since we can't hold off this letter until we get the 2005 Christmas photos, we'll start off with last years Christmas night family get together.

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As part of our Christmas celebration, we're including the visit of Dan, Celeste and Elizabeth Brooke Nelson (the newest addition). Dawn with help from her kids and our kids put on a great open house the week before Christmas with many, many in attendance.

It was at Donna's again and had about all the bunch except Betty, the Nixon's and Fr. Herb got in. We all then went to Donna's for dinner, family present exchanges and the "white elephant" family game of gift choice. In the past, some of the little guys teared up because they didn't get what they wanted. This time, all was well. It's one of those things that all look forward to.

The really big news is that David (Dawn and Bill's Number 2) got engaged to Sharon Knorr. Both are in their 3rd year of college, he at Tech and she at Georgia. She has interest in going to law school at Ga State in Atlanta. I guess that'll off-set going to UGA.

All were filled, got a lot of presents and had a good time.

On New Years eve, we had an indoor pool party at Mike's along with 2 birthdays (Lisa's and Zack's). It was topped off with presents, cake and ice cream and fireworks. The fog comes when it's COLD outside and the pool is heated real good. It wasn't quit as cold as in the past so we didn't need fog horns.

Marcelle and the Mitchel's got to come to the party too. Their kids and dad got wet but mom and the grandmother thought better of it.

To keep the bunch straight, we'll present the 14 + 1 grand children and one great grandchild for your awe,

Bill and Dawn's: Chris, Davis, Theresa
Bob and Kathy's: Tina (Ashley), Laura, Robby
Betty and Ken's: Andy, Logan
Mike and Lisa's: Zach, Greg
Donna and Randy's: Jake, Anna, Tricia
Mark and Lisa's: Clay R, ("...." due 7 Nov)

In February, Donna gave Tricia and Randy a pool party and a family eat-over (mexican). She invited all of Tricia's class to the pool thingy but saved the dinner for the family. We all had a very good time and are looking forward to next years celebration.

Dawn is well and went back to work. She is at Kennestone instead of Cobb General but only working part time until she gets her groove back. She had a set-back with a knee but they did othroscopic stuff and got her back on-line.

In Feburary also, Mark and Lisa started their NEW HOUSE. It's in the same sub-division but across the street. They're scaling down: 4500 sqft to 4300 sqft but planned on one floor. They couldn't pass up the cost effective basement and put in some rooms, pool table, fire place, bedroom, etc. A built-in hot-tub of course.

They're planning on being in about mid-June.

March was un-eventful except for our WINTER, all one day of it and Easter at the end. It was really closer to ice than snow but it warmed up in the afternoon. We did the baby setting as they closed the schools. Though it doesn't look bad, the shaded back streets can cause a lot of problems for the school busses.

Donna had the Easter thingy and as with all their parties, everyone had a great time.

In April, Pat and Clay went to Rockwall to visit the Nixons. Another great trip which included all of the ball and puck stuff. We set a new record by eating at Pancho's Mexican buffet four times. We had a good visit with Ron and Turi and got to Canton for the flea market stuff.

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