Pat and Clay Christmas Letter 2006

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25 December 2006

First, we want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Houston Family has a website with all the events or our lives presented in a massive amount of photos. You are welcome to view it all at ....

ITEMs TO MENTION (you don't want photos):

Dawn had a "blow-in". A leaky bowel that had to be repaired. They did it laproscopically. After a few days it really blew out. They did a big opening including a bag and used a vacuum pump instead of stitches to close opening. Time is passing and she's on the mend.

Mike was riding his bike, fell and broke his collar bone. They did the "lapo" thingy but later found a loose piece that wouldn't mend. The put a pin in.

Still mending, Mike had a leak also but this one was between his skull and brain. It was not a stroke which is a vessel blowing within the brain. After a lot of testing at Emory and a lot of meds, he's on the mend.

Since we can't hold off this letter until we get the 2006 Christmas photos, we'll start off with last years Christmas night family get together. Here are some stills followed by son videos. I hope they work.

Sharon and David had a neat little guy,"Caleb David Houston". He was born on Oct 17, 2003 weighing 7 lb 8 oz and standing 20.5 inches. All are doing well.

It was at Donna's again and had about all the bunch except Betty and the Nixon's. Chris got in from Ft Worth, TX. We all then went to Donna's for dinner, family present exchanges and the "white elephant" family game of gift choice. In the past, some of the little guys teared up because they didn't get what they wanted. This time, all was well. It's one of those things that all look forward to. Mark and Lisa brought the new guy, Joey (the newest grandchild addition with more about even a newest great grandchild in November '06).

As part of our Christmas celebration, we're including the visit of Dan, Celeste and Elizabeth Brooke Nelson.

All were filled, got a lot of presents and had a good time.

To keep the bunch straight, we'll present the 15 grand children and 2 great grandchild for your awe,

Bill and Dawn's: Chris, David (below), Theresa
Bob and Kathy's: Tina (Ashley), Laura, Robby
Betty and Ken's: Andy, Logan
Mike and Lisa's: Zach, Greg
Donna and Randy's: Jake, Anna, Tricia
Mark and Lisa's: Clay R, Joey
David and Sharon's: ("Cabel David" born Oct below)

On New Years eve, we first went to Bill's and Dawn's to see the results of Christmas.

Then stopped by Mark's and Lisa's. It was the first time for some, especially since they got it furnished.

We had an indoor pool party at Mike's along with 2 birthdays (Lisa's and Zack's). It was topped off with presents, cake and ice cream and fireworks. No fog because it wasn't too COLD outside and the pool is heated real good.

In February, Donna gave Tricia and Randy a pool party and a family eat-over (mexican). She invited all of Tricia's class to the pool thingy but saved the dinner for the family. We all had a very good time and are looking forward to next years celebration.

Pat and Clay had their 50th anniversary this year. Go to the and click on "Pat & Clay 50th".

Clay had his 50th college reunion in STL but couldn't go. He did put a web section in of his buddies with a little history of each. See menu at "Parks '56"

Below are out of order VIDEO links that may take a little time to load. Click the link and then the START button on the player.

  • Christmas 2005 As we said, we're starting off with our family Christmas of 2005. Most of the family got here and we had the usual "white elephant" gift contest.

  • ClayR Soccer Spring 2006 (click here for video link: typical) In March, ClayR started into sports; soccer. They did the usual herding the ball amount and scored a lot and nobody scored on ClayR when he guarded the goal. We saw him twice with one of them cold and windy.

  • Andy's Concert In April, Pat and Clay went to Rockwall TX via the casino in Vicksburg, MS. The Nixons were in good shape this trip.

  • Tricia Baseball 2006 Tricia did the regular baseball effort and looked right good.

  • Tricia Birthday 2006 Donna and Randy has a swim party with her school class for Tricia's birthday. This was followed by a family dinner.

  • Easter Egg Hunt 2006 We had a great Easter egg hunt at Mark's and Lisa's.

  • Garden & Yard 2006 We had a fair amount of rain this year and our garden did good. Not the best but OK.

  • Joey at Easter 2006 Joey did some growing as these Easter shots show.

  • LisaH Birthday 2006 We had (Mike's) Lisa's birthday party and all had a great time.

  • Logan Baseball 2006 Logan did his usual outstanding baseball performance this spring.

  • Pat's Run 2006 (2nd place) The greatest feat was Pat ran the 5K in Dallas and came in SECOND! (in her class). For a 73 year old woman that was outstanding.

  • Deer in yard 2006 We had a visitor in our front yard on evening. Donna had him a few days later in her back yard 3 blocks away.

  • Fr Herb Funeral 2006 We lost Father Herb this year. Jean, Skippy, Pat, Frank and Clay got up to Shrine at Carey OH to visit him in the nursing home. Later, we went to his funeral at the Mount near New Albany, IN.

  • Joey (early) 2006 Joey is still growing and setting up.

  • Bob Pool Party July 2006 When Betty and the kids got in, we had a visit to Bob and Kathy in Columbus. Bob found a real good sub place and we all pigged out.

  • Tina's Home July 2006 While there, we got through Tina's refurbished home. They did a real good job.

  • Dawn Pool Party July 2006 Dawn and Bill had a 4th of July pool party for all. Outstanding!

  • Mark's Pool July 2006 Betty's boys had a great time at Mark's pool with the water fountains.

  • Atlanta Zoo July 2006 We all got to the Atlanta Zoo again.

  • Georgia Aquarium July 2006 A new place to visit was the Georgia Aquarium. Much, much better that anything we've seen before.

  • CNN Tour July 2006 We did a tour through CNN this time. Had a pleasant lunch while there.

  • Bowling July 2006 Naturally, we the the kids bowling. All had a good time.

  • Anna Birthday September 2006 Anna had her annual birthday and Donna did a great party.

    Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Pat and Clay Houston