Pat and Clay Christmas Letter 2007

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25 December 2007

First, we want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Houston Family has a website with all the events or our lives presented in a massive amount of photos. You are welcome to view it all at ....

ITEMs TO MENTION (you don't want videos):

In general, it's been a good year for Pat & Clay. The major medical problem were Dawn's blow out followed by her mother, Sandie's blowout.

Pat and Clay went to Texas twice along with 5 trip to Tunica casinos. We go a hundred miles out of our way to stop and donate our money (in penny's) to the cause. We call it a religious experience.

Clay has been trying to help the Education Program at the Marietta Aviation Museum but it's been slow. Maybe the upcoming year will see some activity.

Mike got a G37 and Randy got a massive Tundra truck. Three wrecks this year. Zack, Robbie and Kathy. One going too fast, one going too slow. All OK.

I've shown the grandkids many times and thought it's time to show the kids and their spouses.

But I can't ignore the grand bunch so to keep them straight, we'll present the 15 grand children and 2 great grandchild for your awe,

Bill and Dawn's: Chris, David and Sharon's (Cabel), Theresa
Bob and Kathy's: Tina (Ashley), Laura, Robby
Betty and Ken's: Andy, Logan
Mike and Lisa's: Zach, Greg
Donna and Randy's: Jake, Anna, Tricia
Mark and Lisa's: Clay R, Joey

It was at Donna's again and had about all the bunch except Betty and the Nixon's. Chris got in from Ft Worth, TX. We all then went to Donna's for dinner, family present exchanges and the "white elephant" family game of gift choice.

Dan, Celeste and Elizabeth Brooke Nelson came a few days later and in time for New Years.

All were filled, got a lot of presents and had a good time.

On New Years eve, we had an indoor pool party at Mike's along with 2 birthdays (Lisa's and Zack's). It was topped off with presents, cake and ice cream and fireworks. No fog because it wasn't too COLD outside and the pool is heated real good.

On Dec 8 we had group birthdays at Mike's and Lisa's. It was a lot like New Years but without the fireworks. It was early Pat's, Greg's and Joey's. we had an indoor pool party. It was topped off with presents, cake and ice cream but no fireworks. No fog because it wasn't too COLD outside and the pool is heated real good. It was 68 degrees outside.

While at the party we got a round of photos of the grandkids, kids and us as of today.

Below are out of order VIDEO links that may take a little time to load. Click the link and then the START button on the player.

  • Patio Rework 2007 It started off with Donna and Randy wanting a third garage and a pool. Mark contracted for it and because he needed some heavy rocks to build a drainage ditch beside Donna's house he suggested we redo our patio and drive that had cracked of the 43 years. We said OK. We're real pleased even though the walk way was laid out by a drunk'n sailor (Bob helped). We have brick inlays all over the place. Pat and Clay chipped the mortar about 4,000 the old patio wall bricks. Clay ended up with a couple blue spots on his thumb from the air chisel. Naturally, we couldn't stop there. Painted the 25 windows and replace all the shutters with solid black (no painting) plastic kind. Well, the out building siding needed to be replaced and a new roof would make it look great. Lights had to be added to the outbuilding and greenhouse. Of course, our house roof and vents had to be replaced with matching stuff.

    We think it looks great. The guys really did a good job.

  • Awald Pool 2007 (click here for video link: typical) Donna and Randy began their pool and garage in March and finished about the same time as out patio, etc.

  • Easter Spring 2007 We had the Easter egg hunt at Mark's and Lisa's. It was 25 degrees at 6 am but we got through it.

  • Jake's Confirmation In April, Jake had his Confirmation.
  • Tricia's First Communion In April, Tricia made her First Communion
  • Jake"s & Tricia's PartyIn April, Jake had his Confirmation and Tricia made her First Communion. Then they had a big family party. Great fun.

  • Bill and Dawn's Memorial Day Party 2007 Dawn and Bill had their annual Memorial Day Pool Party to open the season. Had a great time.

  • Andy's Hockey Spring 2007 Andy did the regular hockey effort and looked right good. Both he and Logan were on the top team (together).

  • Logan's Baseball Spring 2007 Logan did the regular baseball effort and looked right good.

  • Tricia's & Anna's Baseball Spring 2007 Not to be out done by Logan, the girls did their regular baseball effort and looked right good.

  • Logan's Concert Spring 2007 Logan began playing the bassoon and is doing right good. Here's his first concert.

  • Jake's Rock Band 2007 We had the opportunity to attend a rock concert at the high school and watch Jake and his band do their thing. There were 6 bands and his was by far the best. One of the other ones drummer was outstanding though.

  • Laura & Alex Wedding 2007 The big event of the year was the marriage of Laura and Alex. They had the rehersal dinner in Marietta with the wedding at the Temple in Atlanta with the reception at the Columbus Museum. It was an outstanding event.

    Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Pat and Clay Houston