Pat and Clay Christmas Letter 2009

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25 December 2009

First, we want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Houston Family has a website with all the events or our lives presented in a massive amount of photos. You are welcome to view it all at ....

It's been a good year for Pat & Clay. We did have our 3rd great-grandchild last April: Lorelei Carolyn Houston via Sharon and David, their second. This is a total of 6 married kids with 15 grandchildren. It makes for a really big Christmas party. All the kids and their spouses are college graduates, five grand-kids are college graduates with one going on to medical school in Houston and one on leave for his 2 years Mormon mission. Two are high school seniors.

Pat and Clay went to Texas twice along with stops at Tunica MS casinos plus a couple party trips there. We go a hundred miles out of our way to stop and donate our money (in penny's) to the cause. We call it a religious experience.

Clay has been trying to help the Education Program at the Marietta Aviation Museum but it finally "bellied up" due to slow economy's donations. Maybe years to come.

The only job change was Donna's. She got tired of Emory's bureaucracy and left; she had another job before she got home. She also wanted to be home for the kids and her new job let her work at home.

Mark is still passing gas at the hospital and building houses in is spare time. This year, however, he ranched out by building an automatic car wash. It's due to open this week. I might get photos.

The bigy this year was the Family Reunion at Lake Nottingly in north GA. We had 5 large cabins on the lake and a lot of toys. Each family group did a supper for 42. Pat & Clay didn't have to, however, thay got to bring rib-eye stakes for 42 which Ken & Bill grilled. It was all GREAT. I think we got photos of everyone so I'll just show the reunion photos.

Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Pat and Clay Houston