Clayton E. Houston

I retired on 29 March 96 after a career of 40 years in Engineering Flight Test or Aerodynamics Departments of the Lockheed Martin Co. in Marietta, GA covering all flight test disciplines.

My position at retirement from the Lockheed Martin Co., Engineering Flight Test was Senior Technical Advisor. My experience on the C-130, C-141 and C-5 provided much needed background information to all organizations. I was the corporate flight test historian of Georgia. I originated the flight and airfield performance methodology including providing the software to the organization. I was the only flight test analysis type in the Department that has been through both C-130 military and civil certification programs.

At retirement, I was working on the C-130J program and was the focal point in the complex scheduling aspects of the equipment availability though my strongest attribute is in the technology area. I was a Candidate Designated Engineering Representative (DER) on the C-130J program.

My career began when the flight test technical engineer and the flight crew were the authority as to the satisfaction of a design. I was also fortunate that have been involved on many different C-130 flight tests covering many different disciplines. I was one of the few remaining engineers at the company having almost a complete technical history of the airplane. This over all understanding of the airframe, systems and operational limits is why I was able to see the overview of such a change and others missed it.

o Position: o Senior Technical Advisor at retirement
Engineering Flight Test, Lockheed Martin Co.

o Education o Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering
Saint Louis University, 1956

o Experience Summary o 40 years engineering experience
o 38 Engineering Flight Test
o 2 Aerodynamics and Wind Tunnel

o Employers o The Martin Company, 3+ years
o Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company, 37- years

o Significant experience:
o Airplane performance (15 test programs)
o Engine performance (9 engines)
o Structural loads (4 test programs)
o Airplane stability and control (7 test programs)
o FAA Candidate DER for C-130J Program
o Flight Test Program Manager for C-130J

o Engineering experience covering:
o Test program planning
o Test procedures
o Data analysis procedures
o Test results
o Real time analysis
o Flying Flight Analyst

o With additional experience in:
o Civil certification (4 test programs)
o Off runway operations (2 test programs)
o Aerial delivery (2 test programs)
o Inflight refueling (1 tanker, 1 receiver program)
o Seaplane operation (2 test programs)
o Flight support (4 telemetry programs)
o Flight support (4 test programs)
o Wind tunnel testing (16 operations, 3 project programs)
o Computer programming (165 programs)
o Airborne data analysis system development (2 programs)
o Independent research and development (4 projects)
o Special projects (3 program)

o Vehicle experience:
o B-57B o C-130E o B-57E o HC-130H
o P6M-2 o C-141A o RB-57D o Model 382 (Civil C-130)
o KC-130F o C-5A o YP6M-1 o Civil JetStar (C-140)
o C-5B o Gulfstream IV o C-130B o YC-141B (Stretch)
o ES-3A o P-7A o L-1011 o Special Projects
o YF-22 (ATF) o C-130J o PropFan Assessment

o Society of Flight Test Engineers
o Southeast Chapter, Past Director, etc.
o Director Award 1988 see Award Recipients
o Technology Notebook Editor see About for photo
o Technical Fellow 1998 see Award Recipients

o Publications
o 50+ Engineering reports
o 1 Technical paper
o 6 Magazine article (home computer)