Tara II

Underground Sprinkler Specialists is located in the county of Muscogee. It is associated with Lawn And Garden Services - Lawn And Garden Services. USS Sprinkler Contractor has installed systems since 1982 at both residential and business locations.

USS installation technique: SEAMLESS.

No more trenching to leave your lawn destroyed for several seasons.

A vibrating blade, attached to a tractor is lowered into a location where a sprinkler head is to be located. Attached at the the bottom of the blade is a torpedo like device which connected the plow to the PVC pipe to be installed by a connector akin to the Chinese finger traps of old. Then moving forward by a tractor, the blade cuts a small slit into the lawn the dragging the blade and pipe through the soil. If additional lengths of pipe are necessary they are attached at the original hole. The animation illustrates the technique.