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Sam Houston


This PRIVATE web site intended for family and friends for the purpose of archiving events of the Family HOUSTON.

The WebBOOK will be OFF-LINE when thunderstorms are pending or if the WebGuy is away from the site.

NOTE: On THUMBNAIL Photo pages, CLICK little one ONCE to get a BIG one.

  • Houston Photos (Links to the LEFT)
    This is a group of photos centered around the Family HOUSTON and their RELATIVEs (ex PATRICIA / RELATIVES). It covers events, young, later (after marriage & kids) and stuff.

    Additionally, older, blurry CAPTURES of 8mm film and early videos are listed on the LEFT menu in order of years as best that we can remember.

    These stills are captures from DVDs the WebGuy has. There were many steps in the process of getting them to DVD burning and back out to the WebBOOK which accounts for the fuzzy stuff. Our equipment went from 8mm film to 35mm slides to VHS Camcorder to Digital still camera with the later being used for most of the photos. It was used for scanning old paper photos.

  • DV Videos
    This is the link to Digital Videos of events since mid 2005.

  • HOUSTON Tree
    This link contains an official family tree commisioned by Clayton's grandfather, Samuel Mathews Houston. Further, it contains some documents submitted for membership into the Sons of the Revolutionary War.

  • Pat & Clay 60 years
    This link contains a history of Pat and Clay's 60 years of marriage

  • The Graf Clan
    There are more Grafs than Houstons. Many of their photos are included in the Houston Events but the structure of the family is shown in this section with hopes that the photos match up with the names. Be sure to click "The Beginning" to see Mary and Bill Graf with only 2 kinds.

    If you have additional photos and information you wished included in this package, please send it to Clay.

    • Unknown Graf Cousins (HELP)
      We are mind-boggled when it comes to the "cousins". Here are a group of photos that we have not identified and/or linked up with their family. Please review the family tables and match up with photos. If no photos are herein, please send a JPG type, the name, and the proper family link so we can complete the table matrix. Also, for the tables, please note the order of the names. Our notes are pretty poor. Email information to Clay.

  • My Search
    My Search discusses Clay's effort to obtain copies of Bold Legacy and what he did to include it into the private Family HOUSTON web page.

  • Bold Legacy
    Bold Legacy is a historical text written by Cleburne Huston about the Houston's. It has discussions about happenings as early as 844 and as late as the 1800s. A Houston could enjoy seeing their heritage even though it's mind boggeling to keep up with all the begetting and branches.

  • Clay's Life
    Clay put together a time chart of the events around his life. This pop up history reflects his work and family event in an attempt to keep the time frames in perspective.

  • Sons of the American Revolution
    This is the application for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution. Clay's grandfather made the application and hence, Clay and all of the children and grandchildren follow down that lineage. Each can trace his relatives back to John Houston, born here in what is to be the United States of America in 1737 and fought in the American Revolutionary War from 1777 to 1781.

  • What did we do right?
    This summarizes what we did to raise our children.

  • Parks Alumni
    This link contains family history and career resumes of the Class of Parks College 1950.

  • Christmas Letter 2011
    Pat and Clay have been doing most of their Christmas cards in a web based letter for the past few years. The size of the file got too large for many of our family and friends. In 2004 they thought putting it on a web page would make it work but Ma Bell put a limit of 3 viewings a day. Now they have Ma Bell re-direct visitors to their home-based server box that has enough space for the next hundred years.

  • Family and Relatives Trips
    We have taken many trips over the years with family and relatives and are documenting them in an attempt to rekindle memories of those good times without having to sort through the hours of videos and 8 mm film.

  • Airplane Photos
    As you would expect, Clay acquired some photos of airplanes. This section presents most of them. Some are with the Events sections.

  • NAS Pensicola Photos
    We saw one of the best air museums at NAS Pensicola which is the Blue Angles home base where they practice every Tuesday at 0800.

  • Alumni Photos (Florida)
    Clay left Miami before his senior year after his Father died. He had gone through most of his schooling with this group of students (now old folks) and was able to attend their 50th class reunion.

  • Gener Novel
    In one of Clay's non-busy time he wrote a wild SiFi novel about guy who learned how to change genes and make the world better. His pen name was "Woof" Houston, (Woof was given by one of his daughters. It stands for "Well Off Old Fart"

  • WebTN 1.0
  • WebTN 2.0

    Clay spent most of his 40 years working in the technical side of flight testing and as such acquired a lot of technical stuff. With the concurrence of the Society of Flight Test Engineering (SFTE), after retirement, he created a web package of how to flight test an airplane. It needed and, at this time, still needs peer approval before including it the official SFTE WebSite. It is included here so it won't get lost if approval never comes.

  • Citizens Code of Ethics
    This is a study of King Hammurabi's rule of laws from his 1700 BC times. Here, Clay has gathered information from the web and consolidated such into 16 rules called the Citizen's Code of Ethics.

  • Social Security Analysis
    Here is an analysis of Social Security pay-in vs. pay-out that illustrates the big secret called "adjusted for inflation". It provides data that shows he will only get back 46% of the money he paid in.

  • Houston Resumes
    Pat and Clay are proud of the accomplishments of their kids, kids-in-law and grandkids. Here is a central location for viewing there resumes.

  • Pool Devel
    This is a working file to expedite web site development

  • House Devel
    This is a working file to expedite web site development

  • Coast MP3s
    This allows family and friends to listen to recorded MP3s via password.

  • Underground Sprinkler Specialist
    This is a working file to expedite web site development